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    SailFar Is Retained as General Counsel of Guolian Group

    After several rounds of competition, SailFar was retained successfully by Wuxi Guolian Development (Group) Co., Ltd. as outside general counsel in the future two years. Some affiliates including Wuxi Guolian Finance & Investment Group Co., Ltd., Wuxi Guolian Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd., Guolian Finance Co., Ltd., etc., are also on the list of clients, according to the service agreement. Apart from the legal affairs of Guolian Group, those significant and complicated cases involving its subsidies will be handled by SailFar.


    Over the past years SailFar helped Guolian Group resolve several material disputes successfully, and was highly recognized by Guolian Group. Most importantly, SailFar, backed by commercial resource and rich experience, played a role in Guolian's business development, new finacial products designing and multi-levels cooperation with other corporations.  

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