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    Three Lawyers of SailFar Are Engaged as the Government Legal Counsel

    On 2 August 2018 the government of Wuxi Xinwu District released a list of legal experts, and three lawyers of our firm, FAN Kaizhou, SUN Yajun and XUE Mingkun are engaged by the government according to the list.

    In recent years SailFar has done well as the government lawyer and Wuxi office was delegated as legislation contact point by the Standing Committee of Wuxi People’s Congress. Many lawyers specializing on administrative law field are attracted to join SailFar. One of our partners, SUN Yajun, had long been the head of the Industry & Commerce Administration and the chief of Wuxi Trademark Association before he came to SailFar. XUE Mingkun, as senior lawyer, has over thirty years working experience in legal department of Wuxi government. Our executive partner, FAN Kaizhou, is the congressman of Wuxi in two consecutive sessions and acted as government’s legal counsel in several big cases and projects. In 2013, FAN Kaizhou played an important role in helping the government tackle the case concerning ZHANG Yimou breaching China’s family population control policy.

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